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Stream Mobile Apps In The Browser

Your App, Before the App Store

Showcase and share your app across all platforms with no download required.

Showcase and share your app across all platforms with no download required.

RunThatApp is a software service tool for app developers to test or promote native builds of their mobile apps as fully playable, sharable, interactive demos which run in any web browser. Your app becomes as easy to play with and share as a YouTube video.

Allow your customers to try your app safely in any browser from any device, or in many other demo related activities.

We currently run Apple iOS and Android Apps (the real apps, the actual apps), with no lines of code changes by the developers, no libraries (SDKs) added to the build, and nothing unsafe used in the browser: no Flash, no Java, no plugins, no downloads, just safe HTML5!

The Actual App-Casting technology supports smooth multiple shared user collaboration, video game speeds, and many other technical features.

There are typically no actual iOS or Android phones at the server, because it employs device emulation. This reduces costs.

Most of our core technology is complete, as demos show, with billing management and GUI remaining

Older semi-solutions use real hardware, or use fake "Web Apps" generated by rewriting an App in a cross platform library which creates a limited Semi-Native App, or a crippled Web App. We are not running mere generic output web-apps.

Another semi-solution such as Google App Streaming will require a special Android browser, on a recent Android device, displays only certain Android Apps, runs only on WiFi in USA, not on Tablets, and additionally only if Google App 5.4.24 or later is installed on your phone. We have ZERO requirements. Any browsers, Any device, Any App, Anywhere.

All our pricing plans are based on a very inexpensive 'funded utility' model. Customers only pay for what gets used.

The apps are real actual apps, capable of accessing all of iOS and Android OS!

Bridging the gap between Apple and Android Devices

Get started by uploading the zipped .app or .apk build of your iOS or Android app

Step 1) Locate Release or Debug Build

Refer to our upload page for details

Step 2) Zip and Upload Build

Upload your build and submit your email so we can send you an access link

Quick & Easy Upload

Cheap to use, Easy to upload, Easy to share. Countless Try Before Buy or Beta Test uses exist. Let your development ideas come to life with Actual App-Casting.

Private, High-End Demos

Your app is streamed from our secure servers, and the client does not have to worry about things put on their phones, and you don't have to worry about Investors or Testers keeping copies of your creations on their devices.

Works In Every Browser

Our platform is designed to work on every device, every smart phone, every tablet, and every modern browser. Reach potentially unlimited numbers of customers with your demos. Stream Apps interactively with no limitations.

Connect with us (future)

Contact Us for Investor Info

Please contact us via email for investment oriented information and phone contacts.
This entire Actual App-Casting high-tech startup was designed for rapid expansion, very low cost overhead, unique competitive advantages, and diverse income opportunities.
Though we are a very young startup, we are rapidly reaching initial rollout in the next several months.